The way to trade with cryptocurrencies?

There are 3 strategies for you to trade with cryptocurrencies, files encryption, purchase of bitcoins in addition to trading with Bitcoin CFDs:

Method 1. Info encryption

The very first way to help get Bitcoins was initially through mining. In 2009, each mined block brought a new 50 Bitcoins reward to those which solved the security program. Today you can easily buy specialized encryption equipment and you will acquire a good payment in Bitcoins for the contribution to help the IT system. Nevertheless, this requires specialised programming capabilities and state-of-the-art hardware, which isn't

precisely low-cost.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Method 2: Buy Bitcoin.

It is possible to establish an anonymous account for cryptocurrencies and buy the property of a cryptocurrency through a cryptocurrency exchange that performs the function of an intermediary. However, the risks of this method appear on two sides:

Firstly , when we open a transaction on a Cryptocurrency Exchange, the funds are not in our individual account but in the account of the Exchange in question. Unfortunately, even in the brief history of cryptocurrency, we have already witnessed some spectacular examples of how some exchanges closed, disappearing along with all client funds (Mt Gox). There are also examples of Cryptocurrency exchanges that have been attacked by hackers. (Bithumb)

Secondly , if we lose our username or password, or if someone steals our account, we will irrevocably lose our cryptocurrencies, with no possibility of asking for help. There is no place where we could recover lost data or stolen Bitcoins.

Method 3: Trading with Bitcoin CFDs

The last method outlined is the possibility of trading with Bitcoins using contracts for difference. Not familiar with this term? Contracts for difference (CFDs) allow you to take a position in the value of Bitcoins and take advantage of price movements, both up and down. It is important to remember that, like any other derivative product, the investor does not own the underlying asset, (in this case, Bitcoins) but is simply speculating on the movements of its price.


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