A windshield is among the most crucial of your car’s components, but unfortunately, most car owners take it for granted. As a result, many consider it to be no big deal to be driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield.

In reality, getting your damaged windshield fixed in the nick of time is incredibly crucial for the safety of the occupants. However, when you decide to get your damaged windshield glass fixed, you will come across a lot of information, most of which you can’t trust. This is because there are lots of myths or misconceptions masquerading as facts, floating on the internet. Believing in myths can prove to be dangerous for you and your vehicle.

To mitigate such a situation, read about the most common myths associated with windshield repair vs. actual facts.

Myth #1Myth #1A Small Ding or Chip is Safe

Many people believe that a small ding or chip on the windshield is a trivial matter, unworthy of giving much thought. But, looks can be deceptive! In reality, a chip on your windshield can weaken the glass’ structure. It might look harmless, but the chip can expand in size and spread, eventually becoming a crack. Most minor chips can easily be repaired by a simple repair undertaken by trained technicians and don’t necessarily mandate a replacement. If they are left unchecked, they can quickly escalate into a bigger mess where a windshield replacement becomes the only feasible option.

When it comes to chips, remember that a repair or replacement will be determined by the chip’s size, location, and severity. Furthermore, different chips spread differently; therefore, if you come across any chips on your windshield, it is best to consult professionals to decide on the best course of action to fix the damage. Also, another crucial thing to remember is that minor chips, at the most two, can only be repaired. Anything more than that warrants windshield replacement.

Myth #2Myth #2A Simple Repair Can Fix Cracks

repair crack in windshield repair crack in windshield

Myth #3Myth #3DIY Solutions are the Way to Go

A common belief is that windshield damages can easily be fixed with the help of a DIY windshield repair kit from an auto store. A DIY solution is usually chosen to save money, but in the long run, a DIY can prove to be extremely expensive, in terms of time, money, and hassle. This is because DIY kits and home hacks can end up aggravating the windshield damage and worsen it, which will ultimately make windshield replacement mandatory. To avoid such situations, the best thing to do is to seek professional guidance. A trained and certified windshield expert can correctly examine the extent of damage and notify you whether a repair will be sufficient or a windshield replacement will be needed.

The windshield is vital to your car’s structural integrity as well as your safety. Therefore, when looking to get the windshield fixed, you should seek expert help. They have the specialised knowledge, correct equipment, and the experience that is needed to deal with all kinds of windshield challenges.

Myth #4Myth #4Driving with a Damaged Windshield is Fine

It’s a common misconception that it’s okay to drive around with a damaged windshield, but in reality, it is downright dangerous. A crack or a chip, especially if in the driver’s line-of-sight can obstruct visibility and hinder driving, making it incredibly unsafe for you as well as others. On the event of an accident, if you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, a damaged windshield is highly unlikely to prevent ejection. Moreover, it will also lead to failed airbag deployment. Finally, during a head-on collision, a damaged windshield will be unable to withstand the brunt of the impact, due to which you can get fatally injured. Therefore, to have a safe and comfortable driving experience, you must always get your windshield fixed, no matter how minute the damage might seem to your naked eye.

Another crucial thing to remember is that if your car gets into an accident, you should get the windshield checked by professionals even if it appears unharmed. This is because the impact of an accident can weaken the windshield glass and loosen the supporting frame. In such circumstances, windshield replacement might be needed even though the damage is not visible.

Maintenance Tips for Your Car Windshield

‘Prevention is better than cure’- this applies to your windshield as well. The windscreen, just like any other car component, requires regular care and maintenance. Routine servicing, coupled with self-maintenance, can help you in dodging significant problems in the long run.

Given below are some maintenance tips to help you keep your car windshield in excellent shape.

Tip #1Tip #1Choose a Parking Spot Carefully

Where you decide to park your car is of utmost importance because if you are not careful, you can end up putting your windshield at risk. If your car windshield is exposed to direct harsh sunlight for an extended period, turning on the AC immediately after can cause stress cracks on your windshield glass. Moreover, if your windshield already has chips or cracks, the sudden drastic temperature change can cause these chips or cracks to spread quickly. Therefore, park your vehicle in a garage, basement, or any other shaded spot to prevent further damage. Also, be wary of parking your car under a tree, especially if there is a chance of a storm. Falling tree branches can leave your windshield damaged quite severely.

Tip #2Tip #2Keep a Check on the Wipers

Your car’s wiper blades consist of a metal structure over which there is a rubber covering or coating. Once the wipers’ rubber coating wears out, the windshield glass gets exposed to the metal structure. In such a state, whenever you run the wipers, the metal scrapes against the glass, leaving severe scratches on its surface. This rubber coating degrades over time due to debris, sunlight, moisture, and daily wear-and-tear. Therefore, you must keep a check on your car’s wipers to prevent damage to the windshield glass. It would be best if you also replaced your wipers whenever you notice streaks on the glass or loosening of the rubber coating.

Tip #3Tip #3Clean Your Windshield Glass

One of the most basic maintenance tips is to clean your windshield regularly. Leaving debris, dirt, dead insects, etc. on your windshield glass can compromise its structural integrity and impair visibility. Furthermore, if the glass is not cleaned, tiny stones or debris can scrape it and create micro-abrasions. Repeated micro-abrasions on the glass’ surface can make it more prone to cracking. Thus, make it a point to clean your windshield regularly to extend its lifespan. When cleaning the windshield, always use windshield-specific cleaners and a soft, clean cloth.

Following the above-mentioned tips will prolong your windshield’s life. However, if your windshield incurs any damage, immediately get it handled by trained professionals who know the right course of action to take.

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