MBLAQ’s visit to Indonesia causes traffic congestion at the airport

Recently, the boygroup MBLAQ has arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia for its first concert of the Asian Tour named The BLAQ% Tour. Fans who came to see them at the airport made a big crowd and caused traffic congestion, proving the group’s popularity. The press conference which was held beforehand attracted a lot of attention from local media, gathering about 100 local reporters. On July 1, the group’s agency, J.Tune Entertainment, said, “We’re very grateful for your warm welcome. We’ll try to give it back to you with MBLAQ’s spectacular performances.” The group’s first performance of the tour, “The BLAQ% Tour in Jakarta,” raised the curtain on June 30 at the Mata Elang International Stadium in the presence of 5,500 fans. At the beginning of the year, MBLAQ gathered popularity with the songs “This is War” and “Run” which contain spectacular, oriental performances. “The BLAQ% Tour in Seoul” will be held at the Olympics Hall on July 21 and 22. Source: STARNEWS

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