Biotechnology and Its Use in the Medical Industry

With the evolution of the world and the emergence of new tech very year, every industry is developing and adapting to the new ways of the world to keep up with the evolution. Among these industries, biotech is a field that s continually taking the advantage of the latest technology and producing exceptional results for the living species.

By definition, biotechnology is the use of biological systems found in organisms and the use of those organisms to make technological advances in various fields. This includes its application in multiple fields—from agricultural to pharmaceuticals and more. Bi technology is particularly vital when it comes to the development of the minuscule and chemical tools, as many of the tools exist on the cellular level.

With this said, biotechnology is widely used in the medical industry. It uses living cells and other materials to improve the health of humans. Basically, it is used to find cures for the diseases that can be life threatening. The science involved includes the tools for research is different and efficient in understanding the pathogens and human biology to maintain human health.

tranexamic technologies

The field usually involved in the development of the new drugs and treatments, new to the field. Vaccines and antibiotics are the two common things that medical biotechnology is associated with.


Vaccines are chemical compounds that stimulate the body’s immune system, so when they are attacked with a virus or bacteria; it can effectively fight and weaken the version of the disease into the blood streams. It causes the body to react as if under attack by the mitigated version of the disease. The body combats with the pathogens and has some cells in the body that remembers the disease to store the information away in the body. In this way, when the human body exposed to the actual disease, it can recognize the disease and form a defence system to protect the immune system and heal in less time.

On the other hand, the attenuated diseases are extracted from the body using biotechnological techniques such as antigenic proteins produced by genetically engineered crops. An example can be the production of the anti-lymphoma vaccine using a genetically engineered tobacco plant produced to exhibit the RNA, similar chemicals as the DNA from a malignant and actively cancerous B-cell.

The antibiotics

The biotechnological companies are continually striving to produce antibiotics that can help in combatting pathogens for humans. Many plants are genetically engineered for the production of antibodies.

The method of producing antibiotics is cost-effective than using the cells or extracting the antibodies from animals as the plants can produce these antibodies in larger quantities.

Other types of biotechnologies

· Agricultural biotechnology:

· Industrial biotechnology:

· Environmental biotechnology:

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