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Why the show worked for so many years was because of the financial strides it into the media. It also received a lot of attention in the media since the dynamics were family-oriented. It made a lot of sense in marketing it into the majority of print, television, and even digital media.

In conclusion, the show was a success, not only in a way it was planned out but because it was well managed and thoroughly thought out. The fact that is making children the limelight of the show and having adults as contestants made for a humorous flavor to the show. Besides, the financial breakthrough it made not only made the organizer happy but was lucrative for the entire cast as well. On top of this, the media attention it received made the show into a brand but created a hype that lasted for years and on. But today, it is unfortunate to see that such shows receive only a little attention since the demography changed, and hence the show lost its niche. While today the show is nowhere to be seen, it remains a benchmark for shows today.

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