Heat Transfer Water-Based Ink – Making Printing Easy and Comfortable

Water Base Ink offers special heat transfer printing ink services to the clients. It is a devoted range of uniquely stretch, additional soft water-based transfers for sportswear, Tagless label and litho textile transfer application. Silicone Transfer Printing Ink is the advanced development in transfer technology.

The ink film should be completely cured to make the best wash as well as the stretch. Extreme temperatures and extremely short drying time must be avoided to exploit the cure of the ink, so that no water stay trapped the film of the ink.

Important factors which include ink film width, color and drying tools all control the curing schedule required. Basically the convection oven, heated wicket conveyor or infra-red: 30-80degree, 30-60minuts, 100 degree for few minutes. It is important to make sure for complete through-cure before overprinting paste.

Textile Printing Ink

Silicone Transfer Printing Ink

Professional waterbased ink and silicon ink manufacturer, we produce waterbased screen printing ink, silicon printing ink, waterbased heat transfer ink, and the silicon heat transfer ink etc. Our products are widely used in heat transfer industry, screen printing industry, for the shoes, textiles paper printing, etc. Visit here: https://www.waterbase-ink.com/
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