Best Milages Scooty In India

There are a lot of scooty available in India that offer great mileage but how do you know the best one. Here I am going to reveal one of the scooty with an amazing mileage figure. The best mileage scooter in India is the Honda Activa 6G. Honda Activa 6G is a really good scooty that is good for both men and women. I have also tested the mileage in the real world, Here is another article that claims Honda Activa to be the Best the Activa 6g claimed mileage is 62 KMPL and also in the test results it returned the mileage of around 61 KMPL.

Honda Activa comes with a 110cc engine, also the new model has a fuel-injected engine. It produces around 7.5 PS of power. The new engine is BS6 compliant and uses the Honda ECO Technology that helps it increase fuel efficiency. The acceleration has also been improved in the newer model and it feels a little quicker.

The New model has a telescopic suspension and it now comes with LED headlamps. It doesn't have alloy wheels and disc brakes even as an option, which is very disappointing. But overall Honda Activa 6G is the best mileage scooter in India.

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