5 Best Ways To Improve Your Intelligence

Intelligence or cognitive potential is the most crucial virtue of human life. While it is a common misconception that perspires among the common folk is that intelligence is determined at birth, many scientists truly disagree on it. Some of them are confused between memory and intelligence. Intelligence is different from memory can be boosted through several training programs and mental exercises.

Playing Games

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Keeping Fit

A healthy brain dwells in a healthy body. When individuals workout on their bodies, their metabolism increases manifolds. This pumped-up metabolism increases blood circulation to the brain, increasing intelligence and cognitive skills. Some studies may suggest cardio help in ramping up intelligence as the brain is supplied endorphins making it go into overdrive. Getting a good night’s sleep also helps in increasing intelligence. On the contrary, sleep deprivation causes a loss in working memory.  The connection between the hippocampus which is responsible for memory and other parts of the brain are strengthened through physical exercises.

Devoting Time To Hobbies

It has been observed that people with above-average intelligence and even motivational speaker like Amaresh Jha devote a chunk of their daily time into their beloved hobbies. These hobbies include playing instruments, indoor or outdoor games, singing, dancing. Even Einstein had a passion for music. Hence if you wish to increase your intelligence then you must devote time to your hobbies. Playing instruments increases memory, physical coordination, and auditory perception in human beings as it challenges sensory and cognitive abilities.

Reading books

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Healthy diet

Consuming a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is the key to achieving optimal cognitive function in human beings. The diet should be rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fatty fishes, nuts, flax, avocados, and nuts. It should also contain flavonoids that are abundant in berries, tea, grains and soybeans, and Vitamin K rich foods such as kale, spinach, or collards.

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