Badminton Gripping Technique

badminton gripping technique

How to Hold a Badminton Racket

The right method of holding a racquet is as basic as a FRIENDLY HANDSHAKE. Envision the grip of the racquet as a hand drawing closer to shake your hand. Feel free to hold the racquet as though you're shaking somebody's hand.

Your thumb ought to be squeezing easily against one of the more extensive surface of the racquet grip while the remainder of your hand holds the racquet as though you're shaking an individual's hand.

The manner in which you hold your racket can influence the adaptability of your wrist.

So as to execute solid badminton strokes with high precision, your wrist should be adaptable.

To accomplish this, ensure you:To accomplish this, ensure you:

Try not to grip your racquet too firmly. This will make your wrist less adaptable in turning and flicking.


Okay that is just about the essentials of holding the racquet.

Forehand Grip and Backhand Grip

Next thing you have to learn is the forehand and strike grip.

Fundamentally you'll have to utilize the:

Forehand grip to hit forehand shots.

Strike grip to hit strike shots.

The forehand and strike grip appears to be identical. There's just one slight distinction – the situation of your fingers. You'll comprehend this when I clarify progressively about these 2 badminton gripping technique beneath.

Forehand Badminton Gripping Technique

Your thumb doesn't really need to press against the more extensive surface of the badminton grip for a forehand stroke.

Your forefinger ought to be the one "in charge" in a forehand stroke. This basically implies utilizing your forefinger to push the racquet forward while doing a forehand stroke.

However, rest your thumb serenely anyplace close to the more extensive surface of the badminton grip to empower you to change to a strike grip rapidly.

Strike Badminton Gripping Technique

The way to perform solid strikes relies upon how you hold your racquet. The genuine intensity of a badminton strike shot originates from the push of your thumb.

A strike stroke expects you to USE YOUR THUMB. So you should now press your thumb on the more extensive surface of the badminton grip. Loosen up your pointer and draw it nearer to your center finger.

The strike grip will appear as though you're completing an 'approval'.

Producing power with Finger Action…

Simply recollect, finger activity assumes a significant job in producing quality for a badminton stroke.

Push your pointer forward for forehand strokes.

Push your thumb forward for strike strokes.

Ace Players Switch Grips Quickly

You ought to figure out how to switch rapidly from the forehand to strike grip, and bad habit versa.This empowers you to rapidly get ready for your strokes and hit the bus at the most elevated point, subsequently conveying quality shots.

As you play badminton at a more significant level, you'll end up exchanging between these 2 grips WITHOUT EVEN THINKING!

Tip: The key is to NOT hold your racket too firmly. Loosen up your muscles and hold your racket tenderly. By doing this, you'll see it a lot simpler to switch between the 2 grips.

Nothing is simple toward the beginning. Careful discipline brings about promising results!

In case you're not kidding about improving, you can work on exchanging your grips while you're staring at the TV at home.


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