Essential Footwear Photo Shoot Tips

shoe photography.

Now, We are learn more footwear photo shoot tips in here.

Tips 1:Prepare Your Shoes for shooting

Tips 2:Set your Lighting.

Tips 3:Be aware of your camera setting.

Tips 1: Prepare Your Shoes For Shooting For Footwear Image

prepared your shoes

This could be some tissue sort of plastic material like that. we can curve and push the tongue out with this particular chute.

looking nice


Tips 2: Set Up Your Lighting For Essential Footwear Photo Shoot Tips

We want to have a nice overall even light for the shoe with a few little extras to add a bit more interest to the shoe.

make it quite

We keep it in this nice contact shadow here and then we want to look out for things like the metalwork and making sure that that looks really lovely.

white reflector


contact shadow

Tips 3: Be Aware Of Your Camera Setting For Footwear Photography

shoot Footwear

You’re on a decent Photo to get everything in focus that you want in focus. so, choose an f-stop that will give you the depth of field that you’re after.

Making sure that everything is in focus that you want in’s the front shoe and then the back shoe coming out of focus or both shoes being in focus make sure that your f-stop is at the right setting for you to achieve.

50 millimetres

The lens that you’ve chosen so wide-angle lenses close-up tend to distort the product and make sure that.

footwear by choosing

We can choose any shutter speed that we like this will allow us to then reduce the ISO. so, we don’t get a noisy picture we can have a nice clean image that has good sharpness overall choosing the right.

How To Control Reflections In Your Footwear Photo Shoots

highly reflective

You’ll see the entire studio setup reflected in the shoe and really what you want to do is be able to mask out all the things. you don’t want to see and just concentrate on what the shoe looks like.

emphasize reflections

1. Control The Reflection For Control Reflection

good position for the primary shotwhite background

2.Highlight The Product With Light To Essential Footwear Photo Shoot Tips

Use your light to spotlight different aspects of your shoe that aren’t very easy to capture on image, like plastic straps.

your shoe on a reflective surface

Isolating Shoes/Shadows/Backgrounds & Image Editing

Clipping path Clientclipping pathshoe cropping and resizingUSA, UK, NZ, AU, UAE, and Europe.

Shoes Remove Background

photographbackground of your imagebackground or rearrange great effort

Shoes Drop Shadow

Shoes Drop Shadow

How To Photo-Shoot Of Eye Wear/Sunglasses Image

sunglassesthe lenses

Watch Out For The Reflections 

quite reflective surface with sunglasses


reflection of the glasses.


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