Changing the Linksys range extender’s administrator password

A Linksys range extender can extend the network coverage in your home significantly. But if you want to make sure that your Range extender is secure you should always keep it password protected. Once connected to the Linksys Router’s Wireless network you can use the same password as the router to connect to extender network. But there are options to change the login password for your Range extender if you want to keep a different password for login to the extender.

Changing the Linksys range extender’s admin password would ensure that no one can access your extender’s wireless network without your consent. So, if you want to change the Administrator password of your Linksys Range extender for security, we can definitely help you in that.

We can divide this process in two parts:

· Login to Range Extender Admin Panel

· Changing the admin password

Login to Range Extender Admin Panel

In order to change the administrator Password of your Linksys router, first you need to successfully log in to range extender’s admin panel. Follow these steps to login:

· First, you must connect your device (Computer, Laptop, or Tablet) to the wireless network of your Linksys range extender. You can either use an ethernet cable to connect or you can use the wi-fi icon on your Laptop or tablet to connect with the extender’s network.

· Once connected, open a web browser in your device.

· Next access the web-based setup utility by entering the web address in the URL Bar. Press enter to continue to login page of your Linksys Range Extender.

· If in case you are unable to access via the web browser, try another browser or simply use the default IP address to access the web based utility of Linksys.

· You can find the IP Address by using the ‘ipconfig’ command in the command prompt of your computer or laptop. It can also be found on the label of your range extender. Usually Linksys web-based utility can be accessed through the default IP Address All you need to do is enter this IP Address in the URL bar of your browser and press enter.

· Next you need to provide the existing Login ID and Password for log in to your range extender.

· Click login after providing the correct Login ID and password.

· In case you forget the login ID and password, press the reset button on your range extender to set the user ID and password back to default.

· After reset you can use the default credentials for login to range extender web-based setup page.

Changing the Administrator Password:

After you successfully login to web based setup page of your Linksys Range extender, you will have full access to your Extender’s configuration settings. Follow these steps to change the range extender password:

· After login, go to the Administration section and view the settings.

· Look for SSID Network settings under security or management section.

· Here you need to enter the new Login Password in the relevant field. Make sure the password that you are using is alpha-numeric and hard to guess. Choose a strong password for security and go to the next tab.

· In the next Tab you need to confirm your New password. Make sure there are no mistakes as the password is case sensitive.

· Now click on Save settings. If you forget to click save settings at the end then the new password will not be set for your wireless range extender. In that case you will need to go back and repeat the process. So, make sure that you save your settings before leaving the setup page.

· Make sure to once reboot your wireless range extender after you have changed the security password.

· Click the power button and turn it off for a few seconds before turning it back on. Wait for the extender to restart.

· As the password has been changed, you will have to reconnect all your devices to wireless range extender using the new password, one by one.

After the setup has completed you can place the range extender at any other location in your house. Make sure wherever you place the range extender it must have strong wireless signal.

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