[MV] 우탄 WUTAN - 나비야 NABIYA (FEAT. D. O.)

Download Album @ genie: http://www.genie.co.kr/Detail/f_Album_Info.asp?axnm=80406934 REALLY? Some people are disliking this video becuz "it's not the D.O they were waiting for"???? Do you even know that the D.O in this song is D.O(Lee HyunDo) from legendary duo DEUX??? *leaving the old beefs out LOL * That he was born way before than your oppa, that he was lyricist/composer/producer for artists like Jinusean, Lee Hyori, SHINee, Lee Minwoo, ZE:A, Wheesung, Ulala Session, Myname, and soooooo on? That he is now CEO of his own hiphop label??? I mean... if you don't know who "this other D.O" is, it doesn't mean you NEED to dislike the video just becuz you are frustrated it wasn't who you expected it to be... Ok, you can dislike the video if you don't like the song or the scenes, but judging by the comments left in the video... Not hating on EXO, I even pity them for having such people like this calling themselves their "fans" and being disrespectful to other artists... :/

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