Digital Transformation Case Study Series: Puma

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The global director of the human resources and central services at PUMA said: “Transformation should always have a clear objective and not be carried out for its own sake”, and claimed that their intention was to “be better partners” with their colleagues across the business.

But like many other companies, Puma still managed an old system which they wanted to replace with the new one. The brand wanted to simplify the processes using more standardized tools to create a working platform that allowed it to make more agile decisions.

The director, Mr. Knoess found a perfect option, a tool enabling him to gain more picture of Puma’s workforce, understand the people's cost, take action at the point of decision and configure the system according to the business needs (like payroll, time tracking, talent management, recruiting, project management, etc). Puma launched the new system for its global employees.

Over a year after they deployed the new solution, the company has experienced positive changes since executives have benefited from the real-time data.

Some key features of the solution that have totally stood out and assisted Puma are:

Human Resource Management

Payroll solutions

Recruiting feature: organizations can achieve visibility across the talent acquisition process and employ the best talent by providing the HR team with visibility, configurable

Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology

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