How to upgrade Air France premium economy

Passenger always look for better comfort, recently Air France has introduced premium economy in which it provides many services better then economy class and it is very perfect for the passenger who want to travel in long haul flight. But if you have already booked a flight but now needs to upgrade it and it can be also done very easily with simple option provided by Air France.

how to upgrade from economy to premium economy in Air France?

Go through the below steps in order to upgrade form premium economy in Air France with no hassle.

Initial step will be to launch the browser and then go to the official website of Air France airlines.

After that user need to log in to the account by typing all the account credentials such as username and password and click on continue.

The account will get open, now move your cursor to manage my booking section on the web page.

Now user need to enter the reservation number and click on search. All the booked flight will get appear on the screen.

Pick the flight on which you need an upgrade. Passenger will also have to lay extra for the reservation.

Choose the edit option on the screen. check on the box of upgrade the upgrade to premium economy. User can add the additional meals as well as extra service.

When it will get done, pay the fare difference between of the previous flight and new upgraded flight through the online transaction.

Air France will process the payment and user will receive new modified reservation ticket on their registered mail address.

Air France reservations

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