Delta Airlines Policy on Refunds

Want to Cancel Delta Flight? Know Delta Airlines Policy on Refunds before Canceling It

Delta Airlines offers you many features to make travel comfortable yet budget-friendly. Also, the airline takes care of every little thing and hence offers all its services accessible online. From making Delta Airlines reservations to cancellation, you can do everything online. But if you want to change your flight bookings, you should know the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines and get a full refund. Moreover, you can go through the pointers mentioned below to get a refund.

What Does Delta Airlines Refund Policy Offer?

Delta Airlines gives you an option to cancel your flight bookings from the moment you purchase the tickets. And you can cancel it up 24 hours prior to the departure.

Flight cancellation can be done online when you have purchased the tickets from its website. You need to contact the travel agency when you buy a ticket from the agent.

Delta Airlines reservations are

Besides, when the flight tickets are purchased within seven days of the flight departure, there will be the cancellation charges. Even if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of its purchase.

Moreover, as per the Delta Airlines refund policy; you can only request a refund only when you have booked refundable flight tickets.

Non-refundable flight bookings won’t receive any refund however some of the flight fares may get some travel points on cancellation.

Above all, when you see a delay after request a refund, you can connect with the customer service of Bank or Payment Interface through which the payment is made.

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