How to Buy Bitcoin in 2020?.

Bitcoin is the Powerful icon in this era! Now it transformed as the global currency which is acceptable anywhere and everywhere!

Let's have a look!

 Bitcoin Wallet

The Bitcoin wallet is the one and only place to store bitcoins.It is broadly classifieds as Online Wallet and offline wallet. Some Cryptocurrency Exchanges provide an inbuild wallet to perform trading but it is advisable to create a bitcoin wallet in private to get bitcoins from various methods.

The First-Ever place to get bitcoins is Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Crypto Exchanges are Broadly classified as

Ø Centralized Exchange

Ø De-Centralized Exchange

Ø Hybrid Exchange

Popular Exchanges to buy bitcoin is

Ø Binance

Ø Coinbase

Ø Zepbay

Ø Localbitcoins

Ø Paxful

Ø Remitano

If you don’t want to get involved in Cryptocurrency Exchanges, You have online websites that give you rewards in Cryptos for the tasks you have done.

Some Popular websites are


Ø Steemit

Ø Publish0x

How to buy bitcoin in 2020

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