Why Should Developers Upgrade To PHP 7? Covered In A PHP Course

The existing scenario regarding PHP 7

PHP course

Statistics on the use of PHP 5.6 Apps given in a PHP course

A PHP course would quote statistics from Packages Logs which started that 21% of companies still use PHP 5. However these results may be subjective as most companies and applications do not use Composer and Packages.


Why Upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7 covered in a PHP course?

A PHP course would tell developers that they need to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7 for the enhancement of security, performance and innovation. It shows how developers miss out on certain features. Let us explain so that you can understand it in a clear manner

1.Where the applicationsstill run on 5.6

A PHP course would tell one on how you will miss out on certain features by still using old features Developers would:

1. No longer receive community support on security patches and bug fixes.

2. Get new features necessary to provide new services.

3. Not get performance enhancements that can radically hustle response times.

However, they would gain access to the following features if they upgrade from PHP5.6 to 7.1. They are

- Strengthening the performance of applications.

- Gain access to novel features required to provide up-to-the-minute services.

At the same time, one will get more features if there is an up gradation to PHP 7.4. A PHP course will tell you that you will:

- Enhance the performance of your applications.

- Receive innovative features needed to provide up-to-date services.

- Obtain community support.

Why is there a resistance in upgrading to PHP7?

PHP course

1. The company does not allow the upgradation

2. A developer is just lazy to start the upgradation process

3. Some were not sure on how to carry out the upgradation process

4. They had other reasons such as moving to other technologies

To conclude, developers who have completed a PHP course would understand the necessity of the upgrade. Thus, they should ensure that they go ahead with the task


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