5 Top Skills That Can Get a High Paying Salary After a Dot Net Training

Dot net training

Skills to get a high-paying .NET developer Job

Given below are the skills tha could bring you a a high-paying .NET developer Job after a dot net course. They are


ASP.NET MVC is ruling over the NET web development market. Thus, a dot net training is where you could pick up this primary skill . .NET developers use the open source web application framework to develop beautifully styled web applications easily. Furthermore, they take advantage of the latest client-side web development technologies to carry out various tasks. For example, ASP.NET MVC also lends itself well to unit testing.

2. Client-side web development technologies

The second step is to be proficient in client-side web development technologies during a dot net training. . Net developers who can create enagaging interactive web-applications are likely to earn attractive salaries. To exemplify, , according to Robert Half Technology’s Salary Guide, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) skills can add an average of 6 percent to a developer’s starting salary. Some of the other client-side web development technologies that are in demand areHTML, CSS JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap. You can learn more popular client-side technologies in a dot net training.

3. Databases

You would learn about the perfect integration of Microsoft .NET with all databases in a dot net training .However, it is necessary for professionals to pick up these skills too. Developers who are skilled in a database like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle get a high-paying salary. Furthermore, proficiency in SQL skills as well as experience with systems such as Entity Framework could increase their value as a .NET developer. Additionally, most applications use various NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or CouchDB, Terefore, picking up these skill sets during a dot net training would bring developers more advantages


4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Apart from your dot net training, one could get a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification. This certification is valued by leading IT firms and could lead to a raise in salary. Furthermore, you can demonstrate the latest .NET skills to your organization after this certification. It wouldn’t be easy to achieve this certification but you could crack it with diverse training resources.

5. . Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

You could also complete the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)program after your dot net training . This could also be another way to demonstrate that you are up to date with the latest technical skills from Microsoft


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