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With household financial plan under increasing strain, more and more people are looking for cost effective and reliable energy solutions.

Solar delivers on all fronts, but to get the most from your investment it’s important you choose the right system for your requirements.

Australia is one of the top most countries in terms of solar energy because of its excellent geographical features. That’s the reason why Aussies are going for this eco-friendly energy expedition.

6.6kw Solar System

6.6kW Solar System NSW

What Is 6.6 kW Solar System?

6.6kw Solar System has become progressively popular among Australian Homes and Firms.

This cost-effectives power source is the best way to slash down your energy bills with just a one-time investment.

A 6.6 kW solar system size comprise of energy-efficient 24*275 Watt solar panel.A 6.6 kW solar system size comprise of energy-efficient 24*275 Watt solar panel.

The saving will depend on the amount of sunlight a solar system will use during daylight hours and the quality of the system.

However, you can expect a saving of up to 98% of your current electricity bill.

It’s a perfect option for the energy requirements of a large family or small commercials space.

Usually, Aussies with a home of three or more residents consider it to be the best choice to reduce electricity bills.

So, let’s move forward to know about 6.6kw solar panels how much power produce…

How Much Power Does 6.6kw Solar System Generate?

There are 24 solar panels in a 6.6kw solar system. The size of each panel is 1.6m by 1m.

It depends on the location and positioning of the system. A system in a sunnier location produces more electricity.

A good quality 6.6kw Solar System generates 20 kWh to 27kWh of electricity daily – enough to offset on average household’s energy usage.

However, the output of your 6.6kw solar PV system will vary depending on your location, system positioning and quality.

Systems in sunnier locations generates more power (especially in the summer months), as do those positioned to absorb as much direct sunlight as possible.

Quality is also a main factor – the higher quality your solar panels and inverter, the better results you’ll obtain.

6.6 kW Solar Panels,

6.6 kW Solar System is one of the best selling system sizes for average to large energy users. That’s the reason 6.6 kW Solar Panels is one of the most popular system sizes in NSW.

Solar Panels NSW

Hire Solar Beam To Get a High Performing System

Choose Solar Beam and get performance warranty of up to 30 years with 10-12 years warranty on PV panels. We provide full technical support along with replacement warranty.

We also take care of equipment costs, installation, and all the quality issues.


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