Ayurveda Spa In Palampur

“Spa” word is used in a much wider way nowadays.

Araiya Palampur

Ayurveda spa is an ancient lifestyle method which aims to create balance within the body. Ayurveda spa adopts the ancient healing and cleansing method to promote overall wellness of the individual. The ayurvedic spa gives the holistic treatment that rejuvenates a person’s mind-body as well as spirit. Before taking an Ayurveda spa treatment, one must take wellness consultation will an ayurvedic practitioner. This will help to diagnose even the subtle irregularity in the body. Since two people can’t have a similar imbalance, an Ayurveda spa treatment is uniquely customized according to the need of the person. After consultation from the expert- a type of spa treatment, herbs, oils and the type of massage to be done are specified.

Ayurvedic Spa

• Detoxify and purify

• Keep you in good health

• Increase the effectiveness of your immune system

• Help those with therapeutic conditions to improve their overall well-being.

• Increases body flexibility

• Improve spiritual awareness

• Nourishing and toning the skin

• Improve blood flow

• Beautifies, soften and hydrates the skin

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