The easiest guide to picking the right Wedding Shoes for Men

Although male celebs are breaking stereotypes, it is a globally known fact that men are not so great at picking the correct combination of attire and shoes. While that may not be so bad on any other day, if you’re attending a wedding, or if you’re the groom, it becomes a must for you to dress your absolute best. And for that to happen, you need to have killer shoes as part of your ensemble.

Picking the right wedding shoes for men

In a room full of people wearing classy suits and tuxedos, for you to make an awesome impression, you need to show off your style through your shoes. But what do you do if you’re not good at selecting the ideal shoes?

Simple, you ask us!

Being leaders in manufacturing premium quality leather handmade shoes for men, we have ample experience in the shoe consulting space. And according to us, when selecting wedding shoes, these are the points you should keep in mind:-

· Go for narrow-toed shoes to give an impression of long slender legs. Round toed shoes don’t go well with formal suits unless you’re wearing a tuxedo.

· If choosing laced shoes, ensure the laces are as thin as possible and are of the exact same color as the shoes.

· Leather is the optimal material for wedding shoes. You can pick either – matt or glossy look.

Make the ultimate style statement

leather dress shoes for men

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