Igniter: Online Dating App Experiences With COVID Safety Attributes

New dating experiences are evolved with the new technology and the new mindset of people. Dating apps have become the most used by the youth people to attract the opposite genders. With the rise in technology, the number of problems has also increased. Every dating app should be provided with the safety attributes to keep privacy for everyone.

Tinder is provided with the number of safety measures for the users to follow. The user experience security policy should meet to avoid the consequences related to it.

Igniter a tinder clone that provides the safety attributes for the user to improve safety while using it.

Security Policy

JIT(Just In Time) Guidance

Tinder clone provides you with full guidance on the go about security and safety to give the original name following with the photo and henceforth a decorum is given to everyone after signing up the same on Igniter - same as Tinder. Igniter also provides to report a user who follows undisciplined behavior.

Flag Inappropriate Messages

If the user receives inappropriate messages, with the help of machine learning concepts the messages will be shown as a flagrant message type. The user can choose to report the matched one or able to view the message.

Verification Badge

Even the profile is updated with the real photos to get the verification badge that the user should follow the poses to verify your account. It is not compulsory to verify your profile if you are not willing to show your identity.

Safety and Security Always

Igniter gives the safety policies in the settings from the app. Users can view the policies to know better about the way to be.

Video-call Feature

Tinder introduces the video call feature and the matched one should turn on the video call with the matched ones. If the user turned on the video call feature small info will display about the security guidances to be followed during the video call.

Some of the points about Igniter Safety Precautions

Don’t spell out personal information much

Meet in Public. Stay Safe

A family member or your friend should know about your plan

At any point in time feeling uncomfortable with a date just leave it.

Block and Report Suspicious Tinder user

Know your Limit and Be you

The following security policies are followed in the Igniter - Tinder clone app to the users with safety precautions.

An entrepreneur can start a business like the Tinder app with the security precautions to it to improve the number of users to move your business to the next level.

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