Quick release rifle scope mounts –An Introduction

Well if you are looking for the best quick release mounts then go for the Leupold quick release ones. They are definitely the best in the optics world.


Tip : It is always better to go for the best scopes and the rings form the same company else there can be issues with the ease of mounting and the compatibility.

The brands which are there are

Browning Riflecsope mounts

the rifle scopes

NightForce riflescope mounts

Vortex riflescope mounts

Mounting system – What is needed.

riflescopeuse the riflescope properly

Let us understand the importance of the scope mounts. You can have the best of the rifle for shooting however is the scope is not mounted correctly chances are that you will either not fire properly or even if you fire properly there are chances that the alignment is not that great.

Tip :

Types of mounts

There are several styles of mounting systems that are available nowadays and these are

Weaver style mount system

Picatinny Rail System

Leupold style mounts

Clamp-on mounts

Material Used

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