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What is Durogesic medicine?

Durogesic is a transdermal therapy line that delivers fentanyl, a powerful opioid pain reliever, that continues to enter the bloodstream for 72 hours. Durogesic is a drug in the form of a transparent rectangular tape consisting of 1 protective film and 4 functional films. These classes include:

Film after polyester film coating; fentanyl (2.5 mg / 10 cm2) and USP standard alcohol storage system (0.1 ml / 10 cm2) gelated with hydroxyethylcellulose;

The ethylenevinyl acetate polymer film helps to control the rate of fentanyl release;

Silicone adhesive film. Before using, remove the protective film from the adhesive film.

Patches size 10 and 20cm2.

Durogesic drug information

Active ingredient: Fentanyl.

Classification: Analgesics of the opioid group.

Legal group: ETC prescription drugs - (Ethical drugs, prescription drugs, Prescription only medicine).

ATC code (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical): N01AH01, N02AB03.

Brand name: DUROGESIC.

Manufacturer: Janssen-Cilag.

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DUROGESIC drug dosage and administration

Dosage form - Content:

System of drugs released through the skin: box of 5 pieces.

Each piece of DUROGESIC 12mcg / hour *, 5,25cm2: Fentanyl 2.1mg.

Each piece of DUROGESIC 25mcg / hour, 10.5cm2: Fentanyl 4.2mg.

Each piece of DUROGESIC 50mcg / hour, 21cm2: Fentanyl 8.4mg.

Indications & Contraindications of the drug Durogesic


Strong pain relief requires the use of opioid pain relievers.

Durogesic is a transdermal therapy system that delivers fentanyl, a powerful opioid pain reliever.


Patient is known to be sensitive to fentanyl or the adhesives contained in the patch.

Acute or postoperative pain because there is no opportunity to titrate a dose within short term use; because severe or life-threatening hypoventilation can result.

Severe respiratory failure.

Dosage of durogesic drugs

Selection of starting dose: The size of the starting Durogesic patch should be based on the patient's history of opioid administration, including opioid tolerance, if any; as well as the patient's current clinical profile and drug use status.

Patients who have never taken opioids: Durogesic doses of at least 25 mg / hour should be used at baseline.

Opioid tolerant patients: Switch from oral or injectable opioids to Durogesic, the sequence is as follows:

Calculate the need for the previous 24 hour pain reliever.

All oral and intramuscular doses in this table have been evaluated to be equivalent to 10 mg intramuscular morphine for analgesic efficacy.

* In clinical trials, daily dose data of oral morphine were used as a basis for conversion to durogesic doses.

Standard maintenance therapeutic dose:

The patch should be replaced every 72 hours. The dose should be adjusted individually until an analgesic effect is achieved. If the analgesic effect is insufficient after the initial dose, the dose may be increased after 3 days. Thereafter, the dose may be adjusted every 3 days. The dose titration should be increased by 25 mg / hour at a time (oral morphine 90 mg / day = Durogesic 25 mg / hour) and assess the patient's pain. More than 1 Durogesic patch may be used when the dose is over 100 mg / hour.

Discontinuation of Durogesic treatment:

If it is necessary to discontinue Durogesic, replacement with other opioids should be gradual, starting at a low dose and gradually increasing. This is because fentanyl levels gradually decrease after removal of the patch, and blood fentanyl levels decrease by 50% by about 17 hours or so.

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