How Prostitution Evolved Over The Years

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History of prostitution – Italy

In Renaissance period the Italian sex workers were able to enjoy extreme freedom which no other prostitutes of that time could be able to do. The primary reason behind is the freedom to study. If any escorts were sent to convent, they used to take full advantage of this and study freely. Another big reason behind the freedom of European escorts at that time was the security and stability acquired by them which was equivalent to any other married woman.

Early 1600s – Mid 1800s

This period was mainly known as Japan’s Edo period in sex industry during which time prostitution was allowed. Japanese escorts known as geishas were not mainly solicited for sex instead, they were entertainers and hostesses. However, it was an easy task for clients to make them ready to convert as a sex worker. As an entertainer they were formally very traditional and uses only traditional clothes. From the history itself, the escorts were not treated as women in most of the countries. Turkish bathhouses were on a rise in 15th century with most of the women would help clients in message and sexual service in some occasions. The money paid to these prostitutes was one of the biggest reasons for their sexual services.

Pre-Colonial India

The history of sex and prostitution in India was very complex. Looking at the types of sex workers India used to have you would find Devadasis, who were from the untouchable caste. Sold by their parents at a very young age the faith of these women is decided by few men of the society. For them it was next to impossible t get married and feel equal to their married partner women.

The prostitution in India were divided into different types of worker amongst which Ganika secured the highest rank. They know the 64 types of performing arts.

The unique part about these women are they belonged to few rich men of the society whereas their counterparts or common prostitutes found themselves staying within overcrowded brothels. The skills and intellect of these two were also different. High rank prostitutes were more refined beauties with sharp brain and intellect.

Of all the women, few women only had luxurious life and freedom as a prostitute. However, the modern escorts are in a different age where they are liberal and a freesoul.

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