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What is the advantage of designing an out-of-band network management solution?

A. In the event of a production network outage, network devices can still be managed. B. There is no separation between the production network and the management network.

C. In the event of a production network outage, it can be used as a backup network path.

D. It is less expensive than an in-band management solution

Correct Answer: A


Which design consideration should be observed when EIGRP is configured on Data Center switches?

A. Perform manual summarization on all Layer 3 interfaces to minimize the size of the routing table.

B. Prevent unnecessary EIGRP neighborships from forming across switch virtual interfaces.

C. Lower EIGRP hello and hold timers to their minimum settings to ensure rapid route reconvergence.

D. Configure multiple EIGRP autonomous systems to segment Data Center services and applications.

Correct Answer: A


A customer is discussing QoS requirements with a network consultant. The customer has specified that end-to-end path verification is a requirement. Which QoS solution meets this requirement?

A. IntServ model with RSVP to support the traffic flows

B. DiffServ model with PHB to support the traffic flows

C. marking traffic at the access layer with DSCP to support the traffic flows

D. marking traffic at the access layer with CoS to support the traffic flows

Correct Answer: A


How do endpoints inside an SD-Access network reach resources outside the fabric?

A. a VRF fusion router is used to map resources in one VN to another VN

B. Fabric borders use VRFs to map VNs to VRFs

C. SD-Access transit links are used to transport encapsulated traffic from one fabric to another

D. A fabric edge is used to de-encapsulate VXLAN traffic to normal IP traffic then transported over the outside network

Correct Answer: D


Which feature is required for a graceful restart to recover from a processor failure?

A. Cisco Express Forwarding

B. Virtual Switch System

C. Stateful Switchover

D. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

Correct Answer: A


A branch office has a primary L3VPN MPLS connection back to the main office and an IPSEC VPN tunnel that serves as a backup. Which design ensures that data is sent over the backup connection only if the primary MPLS circuit is down?

A. Use EIGRP to establish a neighbor relationship with the main office via L3VPN MPLS and the IPSEC VPN tunnel.

B. Use BGP with the multipath feature enabled to force traffic via the primary path when available.

C. Use static routes tied to an IP SLA to prefer the primary path while a floating static route points to the backup connection.

D. Use OSPF with a passive-interface command on the backup connection.

Correct Answer: C


Which routes does the overlay management protocol advertise in an SD-WAN overlay?

A. underlay, MPLS, and overlay

B. primary, backup, and load-balanced

C. prefix, TLOC, and service

D. Internet, MPLS, and backup

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must optimize the traffic flow of the network. Which change provides a more efficient design between the access and the distribution layer?

A. Add a link between access switch A and access switch B

B. Reconfigure the distribution switch A to become the HSRP Active

C. Change the link between distribution switch A and distribution switch B to be a routed link

D. Create an EtherChannel link between distribution switch A and distribution switch B

Correct Answer: B


An engineer is designing an enterprise campus network. The LAN infrastructure consists of switches from multiple vendors, and Spanning Tree must be used as a Layer 2 loop prevention mechanism. All configured VLANs must be grouped in two SIP instances. Which standards-based Spanning Tree technology supports this design solution?



C. Rapid PVST


Correct Answer: A


Which NETCONF operation creates filtering that is specific to the session notifications? A. B. C. D.

Correct Answer: A


What is a benefit of using VRRPv3 as compared to VRRPv2? A. VRRPv3 supports IPv4 and IPv6 B. VRRPv3 supports authentication C. VRRPv3 supports preemption D. VRRPv3 supports stateful switchover Correct Answer: A QUESTION 12 Which OSPF area blocks LSA Type 3, 4 and 5, but allows a default summary route?

A. normal

B. stub


D. totally stubby

Correct Answer: D


What are two valid scaling techniques when an EIGRP network is designed that consists of more than 1000 routers? (Choose two.)

A. Use structured hierarchical topology with route summarization

B. Used sub-second timers

C. Use the distribute-list command to filter routes

D. Modify delay parameters on the links E. Implement multiple EIGRP autonomous systems

Correct Answer: AE

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300-420 ENSLD - Cisco:

This exam tests your knowledge of enterprise design, including:

1. Advanced addressing and routing solutions

2. Advanced enterprise campus networks

3. WAN

4. Security services

5. Network services

6. SDA

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