More information about Cumbria in California

Castle and shipwreck

Cumbria benefited greatly from the construction of Hearst Castle. During the Great Depression, during the years of high unemployment, many Cambrian residents found coveted construction jobs. In addition, Cumbria provided goods, services and shelter for many who came to build the Castle, creating prosperity in Cumbria in a less prosperous decade.

The war hit Cumbria when the 8,000-ton Union Oil tanker SS Montebello was attacked and sunk by a Japanese submarine in the early morning of December 23, 1941. The Cambrian citizens rallied to the rescue and all six crew members were rescued. According to Captain Olaf Ekstrom, these Cumbrian residents were real heroes: "God bless them - they acted like American sailors, accurately, promptly, without hysteria."

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