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The varieties in southeastern fashion for men and women are drastically different since the cuts for men are made to enhance masculinity, while the cuts made for women work to amplify the femininity. When it comes to men, designers work in various colors, collars, buttons, embroidery, trousers cuts, etc. In Pakistan specifically, a man’s shalwar kameez needs to present visible modesty, formality, and discipline because they are the national clothes of Pakistan. In a patriotic country like this, it is common to wear shalwar kameez daily, however, that can be boring. Here are a few little tweaks the designers make to spice up the basic shalwar kameez.

Color and Pattern

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Embroidery in shalwar kameez has become more and more famous since it adds that little extra boost to the style and makes it trendy. This is visible in almost every designer brand available; it can range from an embroidered Patti on the neckline to the entire kurta covered in embroidered bootiyan. The color makes a huge difference too, it is considered formal when the embroidery somewhat matches the color of the kurta but if it's of the opposite color that turns it into festive wear.


Every Pakistani clothing brand has a “shalwar kameez” section since we are so used to pairing those up together, but, fashion has picked up the pace. Kurtas for men is now being paired with all different kinds of trousers like straight-legged trousers, churidar pajama, formal trousers, and even jeans. Some of these pairings are available in sets, but they can also be paired up since the most popular pair up we see nowadays is of a bright or dark kurta with white straight legged trousers.

Attention to Detail

With something as fast as fashion, every designer only works with their original ideas and illustrations. There isn't much room to be experimented with from a common person’s point of view when looking at a kurta but for a fashion designer, it is a completely different story. Details like; collars, material, cufflinks, buttons; accessories are all kept in mind while making a kurta. For example, if it’s a fancy look being done on a timeless black kurta with a short collar it would be designed with gold buttons and piping around the neck, diamond-studded gold cufflinks, and maybe even a scarf or shawl to blend it all in. If it was an everyday piece, it would be a light-colored linen kurta with dress shirt collars and be ready to go.


Your style is unique and special; it can be a pale shalwar kameez with a waistcoat or a dark-colored shalwar kameez with a scarf. On numerous events like Eid, Mehendi, family gathering, and, for Muslims, even just Fridays; we can see men wearing shalwar kameez. On occasions like these shalwar kameez for men are important because they are a celebration of who you are, your personality, and your ethnicity.

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