How to develop creative writing

Practice coupled with knowledge and preparation makes us strong. Copywriting is not far behind; After all, a copy is the appropriation of communication and psychology skills, and whoever makes it punctual and great is practice. This means that in order to carry out a good message, we must have knowledge of communication and psychology, and a good space in which to start spreading the message and testing its reach potential.

Well ... it is not necessary to fully understand both branches of knowledge. However, there are certain fundamental issues and concepts that can be acquired through reading and research. Fortunately, we can find extremely valuable information to prepare ourselves both in books and on the Internet.

What do you need to do to write persuasively?

There are several methods to get started with persuasive writing.

Writing, you only learn by writing.

However, from decades ago, advertising began to move to digital communication to opt for media that ranged from cheap to free. Can you use the free media to rehearse?

Absolutely. Cheap or free media is nothing more than websites, blogs, and social media (to name a few).

If you want to start testing your writing skills, you can start by opening a blog or creating a couple of social media accounts, with an emphasis on Facebook and Twitter.

Write texts of various lengths, adapt to the dynamics that each of these virtual spaces provides to the public. You can publicize your texts there and as mentioned at the beginning, take a good look at which of your writing generates the most interest from the public, see what you should improve, replace or enhance.

Basic concepts of copywriting

Human psychology

We are beings who are always moving between the rational-logical plane of our mind and the irrational-emotional plane. From both assumptions is that copywriting drinks to develop: appealing to the rational side of the brain but, in turn, to the close language that awakens emotion.

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Direct and personal


Evocation of emotions

Persuasive communication adopts the primary emotions of the human being so that he attends to the call of the message.

the fear,


the controversy,

the desire to be,

among others.

To evoke these emotions means to touch the fibers of the people, also, it makes visible the material needs that they have and even the social ones. It sounds a bit frivolous to call it that, but to reveal the consumer's problem is to make him feel identified to show him the solution to his situation with the consumption of our ideas.

Truth and deception

The newsroom was born in order to capture History, then it was adapted to record imagination and fiction.

Copywriting is still copywriting, but you have to be very careful because the line between telling reality or telling a lie with our promises is very thin. And as interesting as it may sound, deception in commercial communication has very serious legal problems. Therefore, we must always use words that attract the reality of what we can offer.


Using content marketing strategies improves public engagement with a brand.

You can improve the public engagement of your brand in 3 months, using content marketing strategies.

75% of people are avoiding having contact with the commercial communication of traditional marketing. Are you willing to lose the participation of your audience or do you prefer to gain more their trust using content marketing?

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The conclusion of this is that copywriting finds a way to take advantage of human psychology and the potential of communication, to draw people's attention through texts, and encourage them to take action.

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