gynecological visit tip 2

1. Start preventing pregnancy (=thirsty flesh)

- After 6 months of pregnancy, 7 months of age is a period of full-fledged stretch.

We need a habit of preventing stretch marks in advance.

Add enough moisturizing cream to keep your skin dry. Also, don't forget to take in moisture!

2. Consistently Take Vitamin D and Lactobacillus

- Vitamin D and lactobacillus are the ones that need to be taken steadily from childbearing age to breastfeeding after childbirth.


In case of this, it is recommended to take plant vitamin D.

- Vitamin D is difficult to fill through the synthesis of sunlight or food intake alone, so take vitamin D content as a nutrient and fill the required amount.

- Especially in winter, the amount of outdoor activity decreases further, so it does not get enough sunlight or vitamin D in the body. It is recommended to supplement the parts that are lacking by taking them through nutritional supplements.


Celebrity Lee Ji-hye also introduced natural story pregnant women's vitamin D + pregnant women's lactobacillus during pregnancy through Get Ready With Me.


Vitamin D, which must be taken as a necessity for pregnancy, is the first domestic organic shiitake vitamin D, and its value is excellent and recognized.

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