Indigenous Employment Programs - Helpful Strategies

Despite the establishment of "Closing the Gap" framework in 2008, many people from indigenous communities are still facing unemployment issues compared to non-indigenous Australians, and the gap between the two groups remains high. This is among the reasons why indigenous employment programs exist.

The government and a number of not-for-profit organisations implement various programs and strategies to provide support and training to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities in life. The following are two types of indigenous employment programs in the country:

Enablement through educationEnablement through education

While education alone does not guarantee employment, it is a big factor that contributes to the employment gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Because employers consider educational attainment when hiring employees, they naturally favour non-indigenous citizens.

This is why some organisations focus on educational programs. Research shows that male and female indigenous people who have finished a degree have an employment probability of 85% and 74%, respectively. Therefore, by offering various educational programs, these organisations can get more indigenous people in the workforce.

The best thing about indigenous employment programs is that they are tailor-made and designed by specialists. They don't only provide indigenous people with a higher level of education—they also assist them in exploring different career opportunities and in building their self-esteem.

Customised and comprehensive vocational trainingCustomised and comprehensive vocational training

The vocational training programs helps to develop foundational skills that are current and valuable in the Australian job market. This way, indigenous people are properly equipped, prepared and confident to enter the workforce. These programs serve as pre-employment training for students to gain relevant work experience and help them obtain and maintain their employment long-term.

indigenous employment programs

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Community Involvement Solutions

Community Involvement Solutions is a nonprofit organisation based in Australia. They offer help to the unemployed military veterans, indigenous community and aboriginal people by providing education, training and employment services. They help individuals to get better opportunities and help them transforming their future. Their mission is to target underserved communities, so that they gets an opportunity to succeed. They offer vocational courses and training to the people in need. Also, being a nonprofit organisation, they seek help of any kind and welcome donations.
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