When the house is completed or the house buys, the new house making worship is something that everyone must do before entering the house. If you do not know what to do with the correct custom, do not worry. In this article, SBS HOUSE will guide you on how to arrange the worshiping plaque and the vows to enter the new house.

Table of contents

1. What is the ritual of entering trach?

1.1. What is engagement?

Enter trach is a Sino-Vietnamese word, in which "import" means to enter, "trach" is home. Thus, to say a simple way to enter the trach is to move into a new house. The ceremony is equivalent to "household registration" with the gods, the territory is governing the land of the house. This is a very important traditional ritual of our nation which has been handed down from thousands of generations.

worship entry trach

Offer a new house

1.2. The meaning of the cult

According to grandparents' conception, each land, each house has its own gods. Therefore, when moving to a new house, the homeowner often has to ask for permission to be approved to "incarnate", bring the ancestral incense to worship, bless the family's life in the new place to be harmonious, convenient work. , luckily, warm and full.

2. Note of the new house entrance ceremony

2.1. Prepare the offering tray

The Vietnamese worship tray is usually indispensable for 4 parts that are fresh flowers, boiled chicken, five fruits, votive money.

Fresh flower.

A boiled chicken, sticky rice or banh chung.

A plate of salt + white rice.

One liter of white wine.

A pack of cigarettes, a splash of tea.

Money, gold.

Five betel leaves, five areca fruit.

Fruit tray.

a new home

Illustrative image: worshiping tray imported into the new house

2.2. Steps to perform the new house import ceremony

The first thing to do in the ceremony is to burn a coal furnace and place it right at the door. To save time, you can go to your new home to light the oven before the car moves.

When the car moves to the house, place the offerings on the tray neatly, prepare all the belongings to be ready for the procedure of moving to a new house.

The homeowner (should be the male breadwinner) walks through the charcoal kiln first to the house (left front foot, right back foot), holding the incense bowl and the family condiment.

Other members also step by step through the coal furnace, holding the remaining worshiping objects.

The first thing to do when entering the house is to turn on all the electricity and open all the doors and windows representing the ventilation, wake up the house.

mẫu nhà 3 tầng đẹp

A representative lit incense and read his vows, the rest of the members also stood in front of the platter to worship hands solemnly.

After reading the vow, while waiting for the freckles, the homeowner turns on the stove and cooks the tea, so the water should boil for 5-7 minutes before making it. Tea is used to offer offerings and for family members to enjoy. Cooking water has the meaning of opening fire, creating vitality for a new home.

The process of turning gold coins, when burned, then pouring wine on the ashes

You keep 3 jars of salt, rice, and water to put on the Apple Quan altar to symbolize your fullness.

At this time, the entrance ceremony is considered complete, you can bring the boxes into the house one by one and rearrange as desired.

2.2. Vows to enter the new house

New home homework

The ritual of entering trach

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