thuoc cuong duong ngua thai

Cross pose

The woman lay on her back with one leg extended and the other leg raised in the air, but bent halfway down. The man then sits on the woman's extended leg, while holding the other leg to control the penetration.

Relatively easy and good if the woman shows signs of fatigue after going through other positions.

the best sex position

This position helps to penetrate as deeply as possible when the female is relaxed

Toad pose

nơi bán thuốc tăng cường sinh lý ngựa thái tphcm

This is an ideal sex position for a slow, gentle, emotional affair.

the best position to fuck

Dogy standing pose

The woman turns her back on her partner, bends over, crosses her arms and places her elbows on the chair for support. The man then enters her from behind (ideal for anal sex) and is able to control depth and pressure by holding the top of her thighs.

the best fuck position, horse-style fuck posture from behind

Doggy standing style - Anytime, anywhere

Snail pose

Lay her on her back and pull her knees up in front of her chest. The man knelt down and gently brought her. She could then rest her legs on his shoulders, while he supported herself with her hands on his shoulders.

The penetration will be very deep when doing this pose, so be careful not to click too quickly as it may be painful for her.

sex position is best

Snail Pose gives the penis endless depth

Erotic slide posture

The man knelt and leaned back, supporting himself with his hands behind, while the woman lay on her back. Then, she leaned her hips toward him for penetration aid, while at the same time placing her legs on his sides.

This is a relatively easy, highly erotic pose with deep penetration. For a feeling of happiness full of excitement.

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