Why are Tycoon Games so Addicting?

Tycoon games, also known as business simulation games, try to simulate real-world businesses with the focus on micromanagement. In such games, the objective is to start a business from scratch, attract customers, create various income avenues, earn profits while minimizing expenses and finally expand the business with the hopes of becoming an in-game multimillionaire.

Whay are tycoon games so addicting? It’s because of that feel-good factor. You feel great when your virtual business starts earning profits and attracts customers. You feel like you have achieved something, raising dopamine levels in the brain.

That instant satisfaction of dollars pouring in your in-game bank makes you feel like playing the game for hours until you become a millionaire. Theres no limit to earn in-game money in such games. You can be a millionaire, billionaire and even a trillionaire!

Lemonade Stand

The rise of Idle Tycoon Games

The advent of mobile gaming has ensured people play their favorite genres right on their smartphones. They can play their favorite multiplayer mobile games, strategy games and even FPS games on their phones!

A fairly new genre “idle game” gained quite a following in the recent years, especially among the impatient mobile gaming crowd. As the name suggests, an idle game allows players to do nothing as it plays itself. With a few taps here and there, a player can automate everything to get rewards without doing anything.

With idle gaming on the rise, developers have begun creating games that combines the tycoon genre with the idle genre. This combination works well - seeing your virtual business grow and generate profits by just automating a series of in-game tasks does make you feel happy and contented.  

Sports City Tycoon.

The Future of Tycoon Games

With VR gaming, the tycoon game genre will not be limited to your computer and smartphone. And guess what, there are a few VR Tycoon games available. These are RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride, Shopkeeper Simulator and Mall Tycoon VR. The future’s bright for tycoon game developers.

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