Delicious Dal Makhani In Malta

Naan, a puffy flatbread, is a staple in the Indian food and can go with everything you make, including many traditional dishes like tandoori chicken or all kinds of kebabs. Though naan is made in a tandoor or earthen oven, you can make it in your oven. The ingredient list includes flour, yeast, and water, as well as ghee and yoghurt.

Naan Bar

At Naan Bar, the dish also comes in various styles as per the different cultures of Indian as the recipe also can be presented Indian bread like lachha paratha, Tandoori Roti, or even plain chapati. Not only the but Indians also can try it with types of rice preparations like steamed rice, butter pulao. Garnishing has also made it a rich recipe dish which includes covering it with white mayo, coriander pair, or even with special garnishing with butter curry or cheese leaves. We Indians like to have full stomach food, for this Paneer Makhani top the list as it is heavier in taste due to its gravy/curry being made with cashew, butter, and Almonds. A strong taste and smell of Butter are inherent which makes it more calorie-dense but high in taste.

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