As a spice, saffron adds value to the dishes in terms of colors and flavor. However, it is used in quite a small quantity, considering the high price. The saffron has historical significance and is grown in various areas throughout the world in extreme conditions. The saffron is identified as the most exotic spice in the world while it has remarkable health benefits if it is used regularly.

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As the saffron is high in price, this costs a good amount on your household budget while putting efforts to find the quality saffron should be the foremost step. However, this requires proper information about this spice that can easily deliver the value to your money.

What to consider while buying saffron

The saffron is quite valuable though a costly spice. There is a high probability of getting a low-quality product while paying the value of a higher one. Hence, there should be a close look over the quality while buying the saffron. Here, we share some insights that can help buy this exotic spice.

1. Verify the color and its strength

The color is the best indicator of any spice, especially in the case of saffron. While aroma, freshness can be defined by the strength of the color. In the case of saffron, the intensity of illumination establishes the quality of the saffron, and it is easily visible by the naked eyes.

Besides, the ISO (International Standard Organization) sets the standards of measuring the saffron strength. It is defined as 190 degrees. Therefore, if you are buying the saffron for the first time, you can find these details over the packaging, easy to verify the strength of the golden spice.

2. Pick the threads over powder if possible

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However, it is worth using the sealed container and putting it away from the light and heat to preserve the flavor. Though both forms might be used, the threads are used in the culinary process and powder finds its application in beauty products an essential ingredient.

Besides, the thread is the authentic form of the saffron, while powder, not necessarily, can be contaminated with some external factor. The established producers or retailers avoid such things with their products to ensure consumer trust. On the price front, the saffron threads are the cheaper option as compared to the powder.


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