The 3 Major Types Of LED Cannabis Grow Lights

If you are a cannabis grower and is working indoors, then it’s time to switch over LED cannabis grow light instead of following those old and traditional methods of growing cannabis. The result has been surprising as plants are getting better yields and growth rates are more than the normal.

It has not been long, but the effect of these lights has been very impressive. Not just for plants, but even for you. The LED cannabis grow lights are affordable, consume less energy, are more robust, and have a longer life span. The production is more with less expense.

With the advancement of LED lights over other traditional lights, manufacturers have come up with different models or types that give outstanding results. We have enlisted 3 major types for your reference.

Standard LED cannabis grow lightStandard LED cannabis grow light

This was the first light introduced by the manufacturers for growing cannabis, which is still widely used in different corners of the world. The standard LED lights are also known as Purple lights because it is the combination of red and blue LED lights.

The manufacturing of standard LED cannabis grow light is very unique as it contains hundreds of small or medium watts LEDs. The best thing about buying a standard light is the price. You can get them under your budget. But, you might suffer in the quality of the output and longevity.

Chip on board or COB LED cannabis grow lightChip on board or COB LED cannabis grow light

One of the most efficient amongst all other LED lights is COB cannabis grow light. Unlike standard lights, several tiny LEDs are used on a single small chip, which produces intense white light similar to natural light (sun).

Led cannabis grow light

The only thing that affects the purchase of COB LED cannabis grow light is the cost. As compared to standard lights, it is a bit expensive.

Spread-style LED cannabis grow lightSpread-style LED cannabis grow light

With the most unique shape, spread-style LED cannabis style grow lights are mostly used in green commercial houses. These lights comprise of a huge number of small LEDs spread on a large panel or board. These are of two types- spider-style and rack style.

The spider-style spread lights do not have flat panels instead they have spider-like arms with LEDs. Unlike other LED options, these spread-style LED lights are energy-efficient but extremely expensive.

So, these are the 3 LED cannabis grow lights used by different cannabis growers. You need to study your requirements, space, budget, and your knowledge about cannabis plantation before selecting one for yourself.

With our vast array of LED applications we can supply all of your lighting needs. Wesled Distributors works with you to develop the best lighting plan using state of the art simulation software to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in replacing your old incandescent, fluorescent or H.I.D. fixtures with high-efficiency LED retro-fits and luminaries. Upgrading to quality LED’s will lower your lighting energy cost 50% to 90% and operate for many years longer than traditional light sources without service, equals more savings.
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