Bet Strategies

Tie strategy

The tie is the most unlikely outcome in a football game. That is why the rate is very high compared to the other options, there is almost never a rate below 3.0 for a tie. Therefore they are already lucrative as single bets, if it is to be a combination bet, we would combine a maximum of two draws.

Conclusion: Ties are recommended for single bets or small combinations with low stakes. We focus on teams that generally create few scoring chances and speculate on a 0-0 or 1: 1.

betting strategies

Betting strategies can increase the chance of winning, but are by no means a guarantee of secure winnings. Anyone who wants to tell you something else is telling nonsense. That's why betting strategies are not always wrong - as I said: With good betting strategies you can minimize the risk and thus increase the chance of winning. However, there is no guarantee. Our recommendation: First test a betting strategy with a small stake and see whether it will help you with your bets in the long term.

Tip - calculate longer distances lost

Editor's tip Losses are a part of betting, even longer lean periods without any profits. These must be taken into account. That's why you should have a solid bankroll that can absorb a series of lost betting slips without ending up with a zero on your betting account. This also means that you play your bets in a disciplined manner and not increase them in order to compensate for losses convulsively and as quickly as possible. That almost never works. Good money management is essential and that is exactly what the following section is all about.

Guide to successful money management

Without good money management, any betting strategy is doomed to failure. Set stakes and stick to them, even if things go a little worse. If you play with the stakes that you can cope with in the event of a loss, you run less risk of putting your entire betting balance at risk and making new deposits. Incidentally, this also applies in the event that you put down a series of wins. Even then, it is important not to increase the stakes, because greed leads in many cases to a very quick loss of control and the bankruptcy of your own betting account.

Betting accounts with various providers are mandatory

We generally recommend betting accounts with various betting providers. Our bwin experience and test results , for example, are very good. There are several reasons for this. First, you can tap several betting bonuses for new customers. Second, the bets that you want to fall back on are not always available at every bookmaker. And thirdly, the most important aspect: the odds vary. Using betting accounts with several bookmakers, you can always place your bet where you currently get the best odds. But: We advise against more than three to four betting accounts. Because then the risk of losing track of things increases.

football games

In addition to the various betting strategies, there are a few basic things that are crucial in sports betting to increase the chance of long-term profits. We'll tell you what these are in our general tips for successful betting strategies.

A detailed game analysis creates the basis

Many bets come from the gut. Gut feeling is of course an important factor, but it can also be deceptive. We therefore consult a detailed game analysis before each betting tip: What does the form of both teams say, what does the table look like and what is the direct comparison? Is there any other information such as injured players or a change of coach that could have an impact on the game? Only after answering these questions do we consider which tip makes sense. If our assessment also matches our gut feeling, this is the best basis for a bet.

Secure the betting bonus when you register

Every reasonable bookmaker offers a new customer bonus when registering with a new betting account. The offers look different from betting provider to betting provider. Many bookies offer a 100% bonus, some of them offer up to 100 euros, others up to 50 euros. It should be at least 50 euros

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