Gojek Clone App — A Blend of Indispensable On-demand Services

Gojek app revolutionized the on-demand service apps market by providing all in one solution.Launched in 2010, the Gojek app offers almost 20+ services with high efficiency.

Gojek is a good to-do app, and a Gojek clone app can be integrated into the business to cater seamless services to the customers.

Advantages of using a Gojek clone app for your business

1. A Gojek clone app has the capacity to be a single platform that offers many services with ease. This helps the entrepreneur to maintain and manage a wide variety of businesses at a time.

2. Hence it saves a lot of time for the entrepreneurs and also helps them keep track of all their business processes under a common platform.

3. The Gojek clone app also saves a lot of capital investment. Developing a service app separately for each service would cost plenty of money. Whereas developing one app and adding many services and businesses in it is a bonus for entrepreneurs who hope to cater to many on-demand services.

Gojek clone

5. The revenue and profit are also more because the services catered are too many. It is more profit yielding that any other on-demand service app that serves one need.

6. It is a challenging and abundantly productive sector of doing business for the entrepreneurs.

Few popular services catered by a Gojek clone app are

Commuting Service

Providing on-demand transport services using vehicles like cars, bikes, trucks, and much more. They can be availed by transportation by the customers and also for transporting their goods. An intact and robust GPS feature is vital for a travel service app, and that is seamlessly clubbed in a gojek clone app.

Delivery Service

Delivery services like food delivery, grocery delivery, courier service, and much more are catered. Here the delivery service is done by delivery personnel who sign up on the app to render their service for the right amount of money.

Digital money transaction services

In this sector, customers can avail services of digital money transactions like go-pay service, usage of e-wallets, Go-Pulsa for recharging mobile phones, and much more. Go-Pay renders a safe and secure money transaction.

Professional services

Customers can book for consultations and assistance with professionals like tutors, beauticians, masseuse, plumbers, carpenters, and much more. Here, the customer gets the best services rendered at ease with just a swipe.

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