Mtech course in Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering

Jaypee University of Information Technology provides unique blend of various researchspecializations in the field of Computer Science and Engineering due to diverse research interest of professors. Currently, Computer Science and Engineering department is majorly focusing on areas like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, cloud computing and fog computing because of their demand in the industry as well as academia. Apart from these high demand specializations, the department also has research areas in core field of information security, software engineering, computer hardware, and distributed computing. Students will have the ability to choose any professor as guide for their M.Tech. thesis. Even if student want to work on collaborative research in two separate computer science field, he or she can have two guides from different fields.

Admission in M.Tech. is conducted using two different tracks. Track 1 includes all students who have qualified GATE exam in relevant branch. These students are admitted without any test. Track 2 consists of a university level exam known as PGET which is conducted once in a year. Top rank students in PGET are selected for M. Tech. course. Furthermore, JUIT provides fellowship to all GATE candidates and top ranked students from first semester.

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