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Homonymous domains

Using homonymic domains is a creative approach to top-level domains so that your domain name would be a word or phrase. Homonymous domains have a high novelty factor, and they are often easy to remember. There is a small flaw for SEO because search engines do not take domain extensions into account during SEO ranking. Depending on the resulting domain name, the URL may be new enough to stand out in search results.

.com Alternatives

H1 Tag: How To Create a Great Header Headings are an important aspect of content that affects how users and search engines perceive it. Therefore, quality and relevant headlines are important for both SEO and user convenience. It is worth knowing what the value of the h1 tag is and how to properly form and apply this header. What Does H1 Mean? H1 is an HTML tag that identifies the first heading on a page. It is used as the name of the page or publication. H1 tag example: <h1> The name of your page or post </h1>. Visually on the site page, this title almost always looks different than the main text of the content and other headings and subheadings. Using the example of an article from our blog, you can see what are h1 tags in practice:
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