7 Kitchen Hacks For 24/7

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1. Find out if your egg is still fresh boiling

rotten or semi rotten egg can be a disaster. Using a nose to find out doesn’t always give an accurate result.

So, what can you do to be sure? Is breaking the egg the only solution? No! there is a very easy solution. Put the egg in water. If it floats, it’s rotten. If it sinks, then it is fresh.

2. Prevent Cut fruit from getting brown

Using lemon juice on the cut surface to prevent browning is the most common way.

But it changes the taste of fruit and there is another better way which lasts even longer than using lemon juice.

Use honey! Yes, instead of using lemon juice use honey.

It will not change the taste of sweet fruits and it also has a nice smell. Moreover, it lasts much longer. Honey contains peptide which makes this possible to happen.

3. Keep ice cream solid and cool for longer

Ever bought an ice-cream and found it to become liquid after a few scoops? No more, you can prevent this from happening with a simple trick.

Use a bubble wrap to hold your delicious ice cream. It will last much longer.

Bubble wrap is a great insulator of heat. And in most cases, it’s the heat from our hand that causes the ice cream to melt faster.

So, using bubble wrap prevents the heat from and transferring thus keeping the icecream cool and solid.

4. Extract a few drops of lemon juice without cutting

You want only a few drops of lemon juice but don't want to cut and waste the whole lemon. What to do? Well, there is an easy solution.

Make a hole on the lemon with a toothpick and squeeze the lemon slightly. You will get a few drops easily. Patch the hole using tape and put away the lemon to use it later.

5. Soggy Chips Fresh Again!

Did your chips become soggy and tasteless? Want to make it crisp and fresh again? Is it even possible? Yes!

Put your chips in a napkin and put it in a microwave for about 45 seconds. Voila! Your chips are good as new. It will get crispy and tasty again. So never throw away your soggy chips again.

6. Make eggs last longer!

Want to make your eggs last longer! With this trick, you can even keep your egg fresh for up to 3 years! Take oil with high viscosity. You can use castor oil for the best result but olive oil will also do the job.

Put a layer of oil on the surface of your egg. It will last much longer. The reason it happens is that eggs have thousands of microscopic holes. When you close them using oil it lasts longer.

7. Get all the juice from lemon without trying too hard!

We all know how hard it can be to squeeze lemon juice. Sometimes the lemon is too hard and we don’t get enough juice.

But there is an easy kitchen hack for that. Freeze the lemon for 60 minutes then microwave it for 45 seconds.

The lemon will be soft and easy to squeeze. There will be no difference in taste.

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