Looking for Your Wedding Car Hire Wales?

our wedding day with Phantom Hire, we provide luxurious cars as your wedding car hire Wales at competitive prices. Our chauffeurs can make your wedding journey more special.

wedding car hire Wales

Undoubtedly, the wedding is the day you were waiting since your childhood and it is the most special one as well. Such days don’t come again and again in lives. Therefore, everyone tries to make this day memorable and special. The code of living a happier life is “Live in the Moment”. So if your wedding day has arrived then don’t think about anything else. Enjoy your wedding day and make it more and more special to have beautiful memories from it. Your wedding car can play a vital role to achieve this goal. You are the groom and the one who is going to enter into its new life. So it is better to enter with a memorable day doing something special.

Which one is the best wedding car for me?



Roll Royce





Limousine is the longest luxury car ever which can be a perfect choice for you to make your day special. This is the luxurious car which is also one of the most expensive cars even to hire for a single day. It is not only a car, but it’s also a dream for the people who never travelled in a Limousine. You can make your wedding day memorable and special hiring limo as your wedding car. Furthermore, there are enough seats for many passengers. So if you want your loves ones with you to travel throughout the wedding reception venue. You can book a Limousine.


No doubt, Ford is one of the most beautiful and luxurious cars in the UK and across the world. Therefore, you can consider it too as your wedding car. You can give a huge surprise to your bride hiring Ford for your wedding day. You will make her day the most special one if she has never travelled to Ford in her life. Furthermore, its look and body shape make it very much elegant.

Roll Royce:

How we can think about another car if we have Roll Royce in the list to choose as a wedding car. Roll Royce is the dream car of everyone no matter it is a sports car lover or a luxury car lower. This car has its separate fan base. Its royal look makes it more special and elegant. Therefore, the elite class people usually use to hire this car as a wedding car.


When we talk about luxury cars especially for a wedding car hire then Mercedes is the right option. Having its name in the market for more than a hundred years it is one of the best cars which you can hire as your wedding car. You can easily available this car from a company that is offering the services of wedding car hire Wales. Because Mercedes is not rare now.

BMW & Audi:

Here are the two most popular luxury cars that are available from lower to higher prices. A person having handsome revenue from its business can easily think about buying a BMW or Audi in the UK. But if you want the latest and the most expensive model then you may have to wait for years to save enough to afford it. However, don’t wait for so long, now you can book your favourite Audi or BMW on your wedding day and make it memorable for the rest of your life.

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