Gospel is my story in Jesus

◼︎ “I really want to spread the power of the Gospel!” ——— “ awesome Joshua! Love You brother! Thank you. GOD put us in each other’s path to lead up into this moment happening Sunday. He put you in my office at Bank of America because he knew this day would come. All to the glory of GOD who sacrifice his only son so we may be saved “ [by Jose Nunes] . Jose, who loved and blessed, was finally baptized today. Two years have passed. So many things have happend throughout his life. Jose is born again in the Holy Spirit and became a Jesus' disciple. . ——— ◼︎ Even today, the heart of the Lord (Matthew 28:18~20) “ I send you to all authority in heaven and on earth. Don't be afraid. I will be with you forever! So go and make disciples. “ ——— Joohyung Joshua Jo

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