Why I feel hurts when wearing a wig

Some people said that the wigs hurt, and feels heavy on their head. Wearing a wig is to bring us more convenience, if you feel hurts with a wig, that’s not a good phenomenon. We need to find out why do wigs hurt so much.

As usual practice, pain is NOT NORMAL. Here are some conditions that may cause you headaches when wearing a wig.

1. The way you style the hair under the wig. If you braid your own hair too tight under the wig, it will bring you much uncomfortable. You can just braid your hair loose to easy your scalp.

2. You may get pain from using too few pins. Increasing the number of hairpins and hairpins will help distribute the weight of the wig more evenly on the scalp. In this way it can help you reduce the pain.

3. You didn’t find a correct way to wear your wig. If you can’t wear the wig and fix it in place. It will be extremely heavy to the back or one side, so your wig will be heavy on one side and can’t keep balance. In this way, you just need to learn how to wear the wig correctly, the pain will go away.

straight human hair full lace wigs

5. Besides, most people hurt when they get a ponytail. Today we are going to tell how to get rid of a ponytail headache.

If your ponytail is causing your headaches, the first way to deal with it is to let your hair down and relax it. Gently massage your scalp in the area where you feel the pain and take a moment to breathe deeply. The external pressure headache should disappear within one hour of removing the ponytail.

If you experience this headache frequently, you may need to reconsider your hairstyle. You might consider choosing another method to make the braids braid at the end, which will spread the hair out.

Shorter hairstyles and hair clips can help you avoid ponytail headaches. Any method that prevents the hair band from directly touching the scalp will not cause pain.

When you really need a ponytail for high-impact exercise, aerobic exercise, or even just for convenience, pay close attention to the time.

Put the hair down every hour or so, so that the nerves in the scalp have a chance to recover from being constantly pulled. If you do this frequently, you can reduce the frequency of ponytail headaches. By the way, a good night's sleep can also avoid headaches.

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