How To Create A Bootable USB Media Using Rufus For Installing Linux/Windows

USB Drives are the most convenient go-to devices nowadays when the need to prepare a Bootable media arises. For a reason being readily available and configurable, USB drives have slowly overtaken CD/DVDs of the olden times. But even when Bootable USB media hold a significant edge over CD/DVD drives in most cases, it does have some caveats as well. The prominent one being the setting up of a USB installation media for Windows or Linux requires additional software. (Have a look at our guide to Create bootable USB with without any software Windows 10 if you want to use just the trusty old command prompt).


How to Create a Bootable USB using RUFUS?


RUFUS application.

ISO file for creating Installation Media.

USB device with adequate capacity( 4GB Minimum for Linux and 8GB minimum for Windows).

Download sectionother versions section.

Create Bootable Media

doesn’t require installation


RUFUS will automatically detectDevices

This free USB media creation tool for Windows 10 and Mac can create USB Bootable media from ISO files devices with different settings like partition schemes, Cluster size, and file system. As you may know, various hardware and Operating system ISO files require different settings so make sure you specify them accordingly.

Boot selectionChoose Disk or ISO Image


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