Too Good to be True: Recertification Online

Do you need to receive your recertification in CPR training and simply can’t find the time to do it? You’re certainly not alone. Everyone’s lives are getting busier and busier by the day, but luckily, with new technology and online courses, it’s easier than ever to recertify your ACLS, BLS, or PALS training from the comfort of your living room. Online recertification is available for anyone, whether you’re a student or an experienced medical professional. It’s also often faster, more accessible, and more cost-effective than traditional recertification courses.

Technology is making all of our lives easier. Why not use it to recertify your ACLS, BLS, or PALS training? We order dinner, learn languages, and meet new friends, all from the ease of our digital devices. Why not brush up on your CPR training skills and receive your online recertification as well?


Studies have shown that almost three out of four cardiac arrest incidents occur in the home or a public setting. Additionally, with every minute that passes that the victim does not receive the proper medical care, their chance of survival drops by 7 to 10 percent. What does this all mean? It means that everyone, not just doctors, nurses, and medical students, should be trained and certified in the various CPR and life-saving procedures.


Some people are hesitant to recertify online because they simply don’t know enough about it. Why should you consider recertifying your ACLS, BLS, or PALS training online? Online recertification offers more accessibility, convenience, the ability to work with a team, and is a safer option during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Online recertification provides classes and testing that fits around your schedule and your lifestyle. These types of courses truly put your education into your own hands and allow the max amount of customization to ensure your own success. Below we list just a few of the many reasons why online recertification is not only more comfortable, but a smarter option for the next time you need to recertify your ACLS, BLS, or PALS training.


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Opting for online recertification also allows for much more convenience during the training process. You can take the courses whenever, wherever, and however you’d like. These online recertification classes are designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Unlike traditional recertification programs, which require you to shape your life around their schedule, online options allow you the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace. This is an especially useful option for professionals in the field who are already working through busy schedules.

Additionally, online courses are designed to get you results as quickly as possible. Following the successful completion of your online session, you can receive and print off your certification card immediately—no need to wait for lengthy delays and snail-mail. Once you pass, you’re certified.


Learning is always more fun with friends, right? Whether you’re part of a class, hospital, or any type of organization, you can quickly recertify as a group. Not only is group recertification often more fun, but it ensures that your group will learn at the same pace and follow the same guidelines and standards. Group classes are often customizable (to a degree), which will allow your online recertification to match your specific needs. That’s the beauty of online recertification classes. They are uniquely designed to fit into your goals and purposes.


During the COVID-19 crisis, people have been forced to adapt to a new way of living. Many of us have been challenged with practicing safe social distancing while still trying to go about with our daily lives, whether that’s work, checking up on loved ones, or pursuing personal goals. Many have turned to online options during these times, and these shouldn’t be limited to online happy hours or catch-ups.

In addition to maintaining safe social distancing practices, online recertification classes are safe and secure in other ways. Online courses are delivered through state of the art technology that keeps your information secure. If you’re not happy with the results, many also offer 100 percent money-back guarantees, so you know you’re receiving the highest quality training.


Results have proven that many people do better and have a higher pass percentage in online recertification courses. Why? Every learner is different and online classes offer the accessibility and flexibility to match your style and pace of learning. Additionally, with an online course, you can avoid the anxiety of in-person testing and take all of your tests in the area of your choosing.

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