Denmark (Danish Diet)

Have you guys heard about Denmark Diet before? KARA’s Nicole claimed that she lost more than 3kg by sticking to Denmark diet. However, I think it's more like a korean denmark diet because i heard that people in denmark have not even heard of this diet (the denmark diet is a extremely popular in korea). Take a look at the before and after pictures! Denmark diet is a very strict high-protein, low fat and low-calorie diet that lasts for 14 days and people who have done this diet lost an average of 7~12kg (15~26lbs). Rules: 1. no salt (in egg, steak, chicken, fish...etc) 2. drink your coffee black (no sugar, milk, cream). 3. steam or cooked meat, nothing fried (also no butter or jam for toast) 4. exercise (especially to avoid yo-yo dieting) 5. no dressing in salads (only acceptable are vinegar and lemon juice) 6. You can change grapefruits with cucumbers, and the coffee with tea. 7. Always check with your doctor or dietician before starting a diet, particularly one as difficult as Denmark diet. So this is the meal plan that you have to follow. Repeat the meal plan for day 8-14. Sounds not bad, right? However you have to give more attention to the disadvantages. Extremely low caloric intake of approximately 600 calories per day will absolutely make you feel weak. It is a very unbalanced eating plan, lacking in fruits, whole grains and dairy, which can lead to kidney problems, bowel impaction and vitamin deficiencies. The worst is that once you stop, you have to start all over again. I tried this once and failed on day 3. I guess losing weight is important but being healthy is above all. What do you guys think?? Please comment!

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