Easy Designs to Make Art on your Nails

Are you looking for a nail design that can help you steal all the attention? Some wonderful nail designs are easy to make and can make your nails look beautiful. Nail art is an easy way to make your hands look attractive and help you style your nails significantly. The good news for all the nail art lovers is that you can also do it yourself at home because it is super easy to do. You have to use simple nail polish and decorate your nails with some other decorative items. Who doesn’t want to grab people's attention and flaunt their nails? Girls love to get compliments from everyone and love to hear that their hands are the prettiest. Having long and beautiful nails can help you make your hands look attractive, and you can also maintain the right style. In this guide, you will learn the art of nail art, and we will let you know about the easiest nail designs that can help beautify your hands.

Sponge Bobbing Nail Art

Sponge Bobbing is easy to make design, and you can easily make this design on your nails with the help of nail polish boxes. The nail polish package design often has pictures that can guide you about applying the nail polish. This can help you to design your nails in an achromatic manner. To make this design, take a nail polish box and use the nail polish inside it to give your nails a base color. Make sure that the base color dries out until you apply some other color. Take the box for nail polishes and choose the best color and apply it on the sponge. Dab the sponge over the nails, which will help you apply another color on the nails. This will give you a gradient finish on your nails. In the end, you can apply a matte finish of another color. You should use a thin brush to remove the nails' side edges for extra nail polish that is applied to your nails.


nail polish boxes

Needle design

It is a great idea to get storage boxes for nail polishes because they can help create a variety of nail art designs. The wholesale clear nail polish can help you to apply the base paint on your nails. You can see then another stroke of nail polish and take a needle to stroke the nail polish in a zig-zag position. This can help you to create a variety of nail designs and patterns. You can also move the needles in a circular pattern and create stunning looking patterns. This trick can also create many designs like flowers, stars, and other decorating designs on your nails. A transparent coating on the nails can help to make your nails get a quality finishing.

Graffiti Nails

Are you looking for graffiti and colorful design for your nail art? This can be achieved by following a straightforward method. It is ideal if you keep a nail polish organizer box because it can help you keep a lot of nail polishes together. This will help you in creating a wide range of nail art designs. For this nail art procedure, you need to have a toothbrush that has a rough surface. Sprinkle the nail polish on the brush and sprinkle it on your nails. This will allow you to spread some splashes of nail polish on your nails. You can repeat this technique and use different personalized nail polish to create a unique and straightforward looking nail art design. It is best to remove the extra edges of the nail polish applied on the nails. This is an innovative way to make your nails look different and unique and help you stand out at a party or occasion.

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