How To Change Phone Number On Google Account?

Steps to change your phone number on Google account

When you create a Google account, you save your personal info as well as contact details. All these details are very important when you lose access to your account. The phone number and alternate email address are mainly used at the time of Google account recovery.

Other than this, if a new device accesses your Google account or any suspicious activity is detected, you be notified on your phone. If you have changed your phone number, you must update it on Google account also, so that you are never locked out of the account.

Change Google Phone Number

To Change Phone Number On Google Account, proceed as follows:

On the Computer

1. Initially, open your Google account.

2. Under the section of Personal Info, select Contact Info and then Phone.

3. Here, click on Edit option and change your phone number.

4. Follow the instructions to save the changes.

On Android Device

1. Open the device's Settings app.

2. Go to Google and Manage your Google Account.

3. Then, tap the Personal info option.

4. After that, under the option of Contact info, tap on Phone.

5. Further, you can update your phone number.

6. Finally, save the changes on your Google account.

change phone number on Google account

For further queries or issues, you can get in touch with the Google support team. The technical executives of the support team are available 24x7 to assist you with any kind of Google issues. You can explore the help page of Google.

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